PEN 6% HP With Cheek Retractor

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Available only through dental offices, our PEN 6% HP With Cheek Retractor is an easy method to maintain and touch-up the results of the teeth whitening obtained in the dental clinic at home by the customer. The use of a Cheek Retractor makes it easier and more comfortable to use, since it allows the user to sit and relax while the gel does its work. Once the cheek retractor is in place, the user must apply the gel with the brush at the tip of the pen by slightly twisting the base. 

The gel is made from the highest quality ingredients including kosher, vegan, GMO free glycerin and natural flavoring. It contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide to maintain the results of Blanc Kits. 

This gentle formula has a low peroxide concentration; therefore no gum protection is needed and neither does it cause tooth sensitivity.

Apply once a day a thin layer of gel onto teeth and cover all its surface, then leave the gel for
20-35 minutes. Afterwise remove and rinse with water. Do not eat or drink for 60 minutes
after application.

1 – 2 mL teeth whitening pen 6%
1 – Cheek Retractor
1 – Instructions

•  Only 45 Minutes a Day
•  Gentle Formula (6% HP)
•  Little to no tooth sensitivity
•  No gum protection required

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